Ways to improve team performance for a strong finish to 2015

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2015 is in the home stretch.

Whether you are ahead of plan or struggling to catch up, you have one month to get the most out of you and your team’s performance.

If you are like most of my clients, the pressure to produce great year end results is intensified with planning and preparing for the year ahead. And then there are all the extra social activities that go with the holiday season which adds another layer of distraction.

This pressure cooker month offers prime conditions for burnout and suboptimal performance.

But only if you let it.

If you want to function at your best under high pressure conditions, here are three ways to improve team performance AND make the most of this important time to finish 2015 strong!

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    If your to-do list of goals is still packed with unfinished or unattainable goals, weed them out.  Pick the one thing on your goals that will give you the most bang for your buck toward achieving your most critical business result.  Then do one thing toward advancing that goal at the start of the day.  Rather than wait for a new year’s resolution to get more focused next year, read the executive summary of the best-selling book, The One Thing by Gary Keller and start applying some ideas now to support you to stay focused on what will give you your greatest return for your energy and time now.


     This is the time to practice focusing on both results and relationships. Read more what research says about leaders who fail because they don’t manage to strike a balance and why striking a balance is tough.  Employees appreciate knowing that you care about them as human beings, not just human doings.  They are equally as distracted as you are right now.  Help them find their “one thing” to focus on to finish the year strong.  Check out my quiz, Focus My Team, and how you can use this quiz as a great way to get your team to talk about ways to stay focused. Use the year end as a way to informally celebrate the hard work they put forth all year.  As the year winds down, give those you lead permission to relax and enjoy time away from work.They need to hear you support them to unplug. Show interest in how they will spend their holiday break. It’s simply good relationship building—and balances out the pressure you are keeping on them to finish strong.
    TAKE THE “Focus My Team” QUIZ


    If you are at a holiday party, give yourself permission to be there fully and let go of work. It’s only a short break and the investment you are making in building professional relationships not only enjoyable but invaluable to your success next year. Letting go can actually help you to return to work fresh and re-energized.  When you are working on important tasks, be present to that and tune out all the things that could distract you.  You only have a finite amount of energy to dedicate before your brain is depleted.  Work intensely in 30 minute segments and then take a quick break.

Wishing you a fantastic journey to the finish line of 2015!

What’s included in your end of year checklist to help improve your team’s performance? Tell us below!

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