Team Development Coaching with Ring Results

Bring your team together with a team coaching model . Ring Results team development coaching can help streamline your team’s performance.

Teams play vital roles which make up how your business is designed to operate. Research shows that most companies strongly believe in the “team concept”, as it is widely believed that a group of people can achieve far more than individuals can alone.

Yet, many employees believe working in a team environment is a waste of productive time. Multiple studies show that a significant share of projects over-run their original timelines or are never completed. Our surveys consistently reveal feedback that problems with coordination and motivation chip away at the benefits of collaboration.

High-performing teams are products of clear vision, aligned goals, trust and open collaboration. However, teams today face endless distractions competing for their attention. Even teams with the most talented professionals can struggle to operate cohesively and collaboratively. “Unspoken” issues—intellectual, emotional, political and personal—can prevent optimal performance when left unaddressed.

Ring Results works with teams to reveal and dissolve obstacles and distractions, no matter how unpleasant, complex, and deep-rooted that frees the team to do their best work.

We help your team pay attention to the things that matter most. Here is how we do that.

Team Coaching Model


Get Clear

We look at the design of your business and how your individuals dynamically come together to form teams to implement your vision. We provide quick-start assessments designed to be simple, and fast so we limit the time it takes to bring high quality insight to diagnose your team’s greatest distractions. We also provide a more in-depth analysis of the whole team based upon our findings and your feedback. Once we are clear about the best areas to focus on, then we get real.

Get Real

For a team to work to their highest level, teams have to get real about understanding the collective personality patterns that underpin their interactions. We help teams to look at the strengths and challenges of their team’s personality patterns, honestly, and without judgment. We provide a map for the team to understand their individual and collective personalities to build better working relationships with each other. These conversations are extremely freeing for teams and are necessary for creating a culture of innovation and productivity.

Get Going

We combine the process of tackling obstacles and dynamics with solving real business challenges.This dual focus engages the team in the work of optimizing team dynamics in a motivating way. Through real-time observation, practice and reflection, it becomes self-evident that changing team dynamics, changes the way the team gets results.Clients tell us this is a liberating, refreshing and a rewarding way to approach team development and they are better able to apply new lessons and insights to daily interactions.

You minimize wasted time and resources by giving your team exactly and only what it needs to have more focus, energy, and productivity.

Team Solutions


  • Understanding Me. Understanding You. Understanding Us.
  • Collaboration within Competition
  • Managing Energy and Attention
  • Conversations for Action
  • Complexity and Paradox
  • Leading Change
  • Bias and Decision Making
  • Productive Conflict Resolution
  • Recognition and Appreciation


  • Leadership Teams
  • Executive Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Functional Work Groups
  • High-Potential / Future Leader Cohort Programs