Why Clients Are Hiring an Executive Coach

Clients typically retain our services to help them resolve one or more leadership issues:


A company, leader or team hits a plateau or downward trend in performance which requires the infusion of new leadership practices in order to turn performance around, grow, and compete successfully.


Rapid business growth or major shift of strategy creates a need for developing leaders who are competent at change leader skills such as: influence, motivating others, planning, project management, coalition building, decision making, listening, and communication.


A senior leader decides to retire and seeks to prepare a successor to assume responsibility and ensure continuity.


A team that is comprised of very diverse talent seeks help to develop the ability to recognize and effectively manage the differences. Or a team lacking in diverse talents seeks strategic support for how to address the lack of diversity.


A recent acquisition requires the efficient assimilation of the acquired talent into the culture of the buying company.


A company’s global expansion strategy drives the need to equip their leaders to navigate different languages and cultures; guide their teams to navigate cultural differences; and transition successfully in expat assignments or repatriation.


Future growth of the company requires identification and development of the next generation of leaders who are prepared to take the company forward.