15083445_mlResearch has shown that your return on investment in leadership development is significantly enhanced if participants receive accurate insight and feedback as part of their development experience. Self-awareness is essential to leading successfully, career advancement and overall well-being.

Knowing yourself allows you to build a better working relationship with yourself and others. It can guide you to discover the conditions that will help you thrive rather than continue to play out ineffective patterns or derailing blind spots.

In a world where change is the only constant, and distractions are overwhelming, we need to look at ways in which we can connect more deeply with ourselves and one another. With this new awareness, we help ourselves and others become more effective – and as a result, productivity, and satisfaction increase. Leadership Assessments help facilitate that awareness.

Every coaching assignment is unique, and gathering information about the client is critical to establishing a strong foundation to define individual development needs and priorities.

We draw on a blend of best-practices in how we utilize executive assessments with clients, including in-depth interviews, a personality assessment, 360 degree leadership questionnaires (bosses, peers, direct reports and self), and observation. We will use the organization’s assessment process if already developed internally or we can provide an appropriate solution.

Personality Assessment

We integrate the Enneagram personality system into our solutions because it is unparalleled to other systems and tools for understanding how personality shapes both individual and overall team performance.


Feedback is a critical step in helping executives to understand the impact of their behavior on the business. Diane Ring is an accredited and veteran user of the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) based on the MRG Leadership Model.