Introducing: How to Pick an Executive Coach That’s Right For You

Does your recent Google search history look like this: How to pick an executive coach, when to use an executive coach, finding an executive coach near me, picking a remote executive coach…and so on? Well, search no further. Ring Results is presenting the ultimate guide on how to pick an executive coach that is right for you.


There are many concerns to picking an executive coach or corporate coaches that aren’t easily addressed online. Investing in a stagnant executive, rising talent in your company, or your own professional development can often seem like an indulgence.  But consider how making this sort of investment can improve professional and personal relationships, reach bigger goals, and create a healthier, longer-lasting workplace harmony. There are pages on pages of how great executive coaching has great ROI and boundless benefits. But there is so little guidance on how to pick an executive coach that works best with and can adapt their coaching style to the client. 


Before you hire the first executive coach someone puts you in touch with, consider how you could be getting the most out of your coaching by finding someone who understands what motivates you, what some of your upper limit problems are when facing success, what negative self-talk might be preventing you from getting more out of your coaching sessions, and what coaching style motivates you to constantly move towards that next step. You need an executive coach that knows and understands the sessions aren’t only about your company, your boss, your team-members: it’s about you and how you interact with all of those elements, and more.


Ring Results has noticed this void of information on how to pick an executive coach based on how you’re most likely to interact with a coach. So we wrote an expert guide on it:

“How to Pick and Work with an Executive Coach That’s Right for You” is an expert guide on finding the right fit for you in a coaching relationship based on what motivates you. With insights from both the Enneagram system, and the Integrative Enneagram Solutions team, we compiled a guide for you to figure out where to start your conversation with potential executive coaches so you don’t waste valuable coaching time trying to determine if they understand you or not.


  • Download the guide (no worries, it’s free)
  • Read descriptions of 9 different types of core motivations
  • Read corresponding advice on finding/working with an executive coach BASED ON the core motivation that resonates with you the most
  • Gain valuable insight about yourself and your executive coaching search tips.
  • Share the guide with your coworker, good friends, HR Business Partner, anyone who might be searching for a coach but doesn’t know how to find the right fit.

Executive Coaches and their clients can have such a marvelous connection, make incredible strides in development, and tackle deep-rooted issues to manifest lifelong self-awareness. Or they can be surface level relationships and temporarily impactful sessions, that will create a better harmony with yourself and others while the sessions are still fresh, but dwindle over time. Which would you rather have?

Download the expert guide on “How to Pick and Work with an Executive Coach That’s Right for You,” and experience what an exceptional coach/client relationship can look like.

How have you seen low-energy affecting accountability in the workplace? Tell us below!

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