IMG_8250Strong companies are built upon exceptional leadership skills. Your leaders must be able to get at the heart of a matter quickly, even when an issue is not obvious.

You will experience coaching that makes it possible to recognize and remove self-imposed obstacles that impede true leadership. We guide leaders to loosen unproductive defenses and free them to react to new challenges in new ways. Coaching clears a path for leaders to fully utilize their natural abilities in ways that are more effective and forward-thinking.

Focused Executive Coaching Method

We use a dynamic coaching approach where leaders use their day to day world as their “classroom” and the results they achieve as their “score card”. Results are a key part of the learning experience, providing feedback that helps interpret if new practices are working or not.

This form of hands-on learning changes people in lasting ways as it touches them at a broader level than the passive learning such as lecture, reading, and thinking-driven methods.

Effective leadership starts within – a journey that is increasingly challenging to take in an always-on, never-enough world.  Self-awareness is essential to cultivating self-mastery and our coaching process is built to help leaders and teams dig deep to find their inner intelligence, strength and power.

In addition to creating and measurable business results, our coaching produces a very high level of client satisfaction. When clients get “freed up” from what has been holding them back, they are more creative, energized, and freer to act toward their desired vision and shared goals.  Leaders that unlock their own potential are better able to free the potential within others.

Executive Coaching Solutions


  • Powerful and Effective Communication
  • Understanding Your Personality
  • Understanding What Energizes and Triggers Others
  • Self-Correction Under Pressure
  • Influence and Presence
  • Managing Attention and Energy
  • Conversations for Action and Accountability
  • Unfiltered Listening
  • Objective Decision Making
  • Taking Strategic and Bold Action
  • Integrating Personal and Professional Selves


Global Leader Executive Coaching Ring Results

  • C-Level Strategic Executive Leadership
  • New Leadership Transitions
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Executive Successor Readiness
  • Executive Presence


I most valued defining potential pitfalls and then coming to a consensus on areas of focus with my coach, boss and HR Business Partner. ~ Director, Medical Device Manufacturer

I felt very supported in my transition. I am on track to achieve my collective wins and feel confident about the transition. I liked the focus on solidifying my leadership position in a pretty established team.
~ V.P. of R&D, Manufacturing Company

There is hardly a day that goes by that I am not putting myself in someone’s situation in order to gain further insight. I really benefited from becoming more aware of the shadow I cast, especially with staff I have limited touches with.
~ Sr. Director, Global Finance Consultancy