3 Steps for a Powerful and Effective Decision Making Process

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Making good decisions is one of the most critical parts of every leader’s job.  And it’s not easy in today’s complex and fast based world.  It’s even more challenging when engaging a team to make decisions together.

Below are 3 powerful ways proven from using with my clients to be better decision makers that can work for you.


An eBook written by the author of several great books and business consultant, Gino Wickman. 

This eBook is concise, full of how-to’s and packed with real-life stories that will improve you and your team’s decision making ability immediately.

In this eBook you will find:

    • The four major discoveries about making good decisions
    • The exact process for doing so
    • Examples of leaders that have succeeded using these methods

A blog written by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, an Enneagram expert and thought leader on applying the Enneagram personality system to business.

In this short and practical blog you will find:

    • Strengths you can lean on for great decision making
    • Challenges your personality type may contribute to your decision making
    • Practical ideas for how to develop effective decision making skills

Contact me to complete a self assessment and complimentary debrief based on the Enneagram called the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire.

Your decision making process and style is greatly influenced by your main personality type, the strain you are experiencing and your dominant center of brain intelligence (Feeling, Action, Thinking).  Decisions happen in context which means being adaptive to the situation with your decision making approach is critical – and difficult.  The more you able to adapt your style to the context, the better your decisions will be.

In this comprehensive leadership assessment you will find:

    • A personalized map of your strengths, challenges, biases and habits you bring to decision making
    • Understanding the impact you have on others with your decision making style and the way others decisions affect you
    • The role of strain could be operating in your decision making style
    • A make-sense framework for bringing self mastery to your decision making appropriate to the context

In the next blog I will share a case study of a client I worked with who utilized all 3 resources to make some major business decisions with his team that made the difference between saving and losing thousands of dollars.

Contact us here to find out more about how you can learn your unique decision making style and complete a self-assessment with complimentary debrief. And subscribe for more best-practices!

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