13 signs it’s time to use team building activities for work meetings

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Is our modern world of always-on, way-to-much-to do making it tougher than ever for your team to function effectively, especially in meetings?

Jonathan Spira, author of  “Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous To Your Organization,” estimates that interruptions and information overload eat up 28 billion wasted hours a year, at a loss of almost $1 trillion to the U.S. economy.  Part of that number includes millions of payroll dollars wasted by ineffective meetings. 

It may seem that many of the distractions your team faces are outside of your control, and many indeed are.  But what if your team is struggling with factors you CAN control?

Meetings are a good place to start. In fact, team building activities for work meetings can be critical in turning a struggling team into a successful one.


Line up your team experience to the following checklist to pinpoint where your team meetings are costing you wasted time and money – not mention disengaged team members.

  • No defined purpose for having meetings
  • Too rigid or too loose with meeting agendas , or no agenda at all
  • Members lose focus from having side-bar conversation
  • In virtual meetings, people multi-task while on mute
  • No one shuts down their devices during meetings
  • Inconsistent attendance at team meetings – missing key people
  • Don’t close open issues or next steps
  • People are allowed to ramble off topic too long
  • Conflicts surface but aren’t resolved in the meeting
  • No time for reflection to process information exchanged
  • Unclear about roles and responsibilities for team operating principles
  • Topics not provided in advance – lack of preparation
  • Incompetent use of technology tools. For example, someone leading a virtual meeting or webinar hasn’t learned or asked for help to use the technology to run the technology.  So the meeting starts late and preventable technical glitches occur

Now, this isn’t a foolproof productive team meeting agenda template, but if you selected ANY of the distractions above, your team can start saving money and time, and enhance team morale and engagement.


Too many people don’t complain directly to the person who can do anything about these distracting conditions – the leader of the team.  It’s time to speak up and get a grip on your team meetings.  Talk with your leader about what he/she can do to help your team boost its productivity.  Or if YOU are the leader – it’s time to focus on improving your meetings.


Most of the challenges above can be solved simply by getting your team to admit there are distractions and putting your head together in how to tackle the distractions together.  Most people would welcome someone taking the lead on this.  Why not have it be YOU?


Start using team building activities for work to nail down what distractions might be holding your team back. When everyone trusts and is honest with each other, distracting barriers can be broken down. One activity you can do is start using team building quizzes. Ring Results offers a free, brief quiz that gives you immediate, personalized suggestions for your team that you can start using today. 

Having everyone take a careful look at how they think the team is doing can be a necessary reality check to see if everyone is on the same page.

Where do you see these signs in your meetings? Tell us below!

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