Ensure Your Company’s Competitive Advantage. Develop Leaders Who Unlock Your Greatest Resource – your people.

Take A Look.

Rapid change is here to stay. Businesses that thrive have leaders with vision to anticipate, decode and quickly adapt to the signals of a changing world.  Your success is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business.

How We Can Help.

Our mission is to help companies develop leaders and teams who challenge assumptions about how leadership works in today’s chaotic world and find new ways to compete, adapt and win. Our motto:  Learn. Unlearn.  Relearn.  Your leaders become better equipped with a new playbook to operate successfully.  We do this through highly motivating coaching, collaborative team building, simple tools, and hands-on learning.

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Why You Need Us

We know leading a business and team is tougher than it’s ever been, and there are tons of executive coaches out there. Here are the reasons to work with Ring Results.

Value Driven

Most businesses understand the need for effective leadership and are investing to achieve it. Yet, results are far short of returning on their investment, despite good intentions.

Our clients seek us out for our in-depth expertise across many industries and hands-on experience working with hundreds of leaders over twenty years.

You will pinpoint real opportunities for measurable performance improvements.

We’re Deep

Solving vexing business challenges is tougher for businesses than it has ever been. There’s nothing we love more than working with leaders and teams who have big problems to solve.

Together, we’ll dig into complex issues and can help you conceive solutions to business challenges that break new ground.

You will move the needle on challenges, seize opportunities and improve ways to achieve results.

Serious About Learning

It’s obvious that time spent in coaching competes with all your other business priorities.

You will be equipped with: sense-making, practical and proven tools for learning based in research, and in manageable, micro-sized bites.

We work alongside you to with learning strategies that will help you grow in ways that work best for your style, goals and the culture you work in.

Forward-thinking with inward-focus

Two things that we can all count on in today’s world: there will be a lot more change in the future and the speed of change will accelerate.

Our focus highlights future-focused trends shaping the way leadership is changing.  Then, guided to look within yourself, honestly and without judgment, you will discover which patterns you need to adjust in order to operate in a changing world.  You will be better equipped to understand the needs of others and how to motivate and inspire action.


Freedom drives our approach from two perspectives: “freedom from” and “freedom to”.

“Freedom from” speaks to liberation. You will get in touch with the habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviors interfering with their ability to be you best self. This creates an opening to explore new behaviors, ideas, and actions.

“Freedom from” makes way for “freedom to” where you are open to act toward a more expansive way of moving toward your desired vision.

Leaders who unlock their own potential are better equipped to free the potential within others.


Sure, many leaders might look like they are doing OK but are they truly functioning at their optimal capacity? Are they satisfied? Energized? Healthy?

Too many leaders are flaming out in unsustainable working conditions. We believe well-being and results are not mutually exclusive.

You will create ways to optimize your energy that serves you with more balance, mental focus and overall well-being.

Fun to Work With

Change is not easy. Growth takes effort, focus and determination, just like everything else that is worth doing.

While we take what we do seriously, growth is exciting.

Whether team building, or 1:1 executive coaching, our positive outlook, sense of humor, and high energy keep the learning process inspiring and upbeat.

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